Thursday, January 24, 2008

THINGS Learned and Told NOT TO DO........

1. Don't go swimming, jump into a lake or get freaky in the shower without braiding and banding your locs down for the first couple of months.
2. Don't wash your hair with non-approved shampoo and conditioners for the first six months--they will cause them to unravel and separate........I've seen it!
3. Don't use any gels or oils to "tame your new locs". Let them do what they do.
4. Don't use hot curling irons or pressing irons on the locs. At least not in the beginning.
5. Don't color or dye your hair in the beginning due the amount of times it has to be rinsed to remove the dye.

Thing to do....also what I'm planning:
Be free as a bird swallow...

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