Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I love to write poems and short stories about anything really from love to sex or love to loss of love. So I started this post to share a few poems here. Any comments or feeling after reading them?

POEM FROM MY MINDS EYE- Contains some adult content.


I’m in love with a man
And I can’t even complain-
Hell I should
Come to think of it- he’s the one to blame
The way he kisses me- places his lips on mines
Makes me feel as if I’m stuck in time
Only seeing the now-
Don’t care about the past
Not excited about the future
Just to love him as much as I can-
Today And today _ ONLY-
For I know this day will end.
I will go to sleep lonely. Wake up tomorrow
And he’ll be gone- but
On A Bright Note
Tomorrows the future-
Remember I’m living for today
Going to cherish him, love him, do everything I can
To put a smile on his face
A sparkle in his heart, Wetness in his pants
Yes it is true. I love him,
I cannot lie
Not a minute goes by. I think of him everyday.
I’m IN LOVE with this MAN.
And I can’t even complain
His body is so soft. He’s got the frame I likes.
From his cheeks, to his chest, to his strong embrace
To his presence- to the wanting in his eyes
This is the man I had to have
How can I be so lucky- He sexes me like no other
Gives my middle so much attention-I’m a lucky woman!
If I forgot to mention.
He holds her so tight- and sucks her hard when he goes in for an attack
Makes her feel things she has never felt.
Large turns to larger and it fells so right
His cock is a sight-mmmmmm It tastes just right.
You would think it was made just for me -it was
The way it molds inside of me
His tongue grabs me and pulls me near
Telling him not to stop, cause climax is near
I need it right now. Honestly everyday
Lets find a child free place for me and you to always get away
I like the way he smiles, The way he talks
The way those shoulders sway as he walks
I’m in love with a man-
And I can’t even complain
He’s done something to my damm brain
Makes me love in a different way
Opens me up to a different view-
helps me do better
I’m not a perfect woman- was this in the master plan
Was he brought to stimulate my mind
Is he the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
I’ve been trying to find
I’m IN LOVE with this man
Until the end of time.

Dec 2007

A Vision Of Love

As I sit here
I close my eyes to mediate
Darkness takes over
To provide in seconds, A Vision of Love
A place filled with peace, drama free
That takes me deeper into a trans.

I see you in my mind, floating over my head
making me grin.

No longer bothered by the meaningless jestures
of the unimportant people in my world

But to be carried away to a place
that is only known by the true concept of

As I journey deeper within the walls of pure estasy
I feel a passion
That can only be called

A feeling that can only be obtained from within
Only one must feel the desire to give
as well as recieve.

A Vision of Love Revealed itself to me
The Beholder
The Beholder has the desire to be hold
Not just by anyone
By the neutar of your being
The satistfier that can only be known as


Monday, January 28, 2008


Ten ,nine, eight, seven.......................

So I'm mentally starting my hair countdown to
sisterlocks or a.k.a. "My Hair Freedom". I have been
rocking my three test locks like they are made of white
gold. People already ask me about them because I have
made them all jazzy with beads hanging on them. I walk down

the street like what, what yes this is how the
remainder of my head will look in 56 days. LOL
Already I have to explain that no it will not be a weave
or hair extensions or braids. That yes I can wash it and
style it and everything that I really do not want to do
with my natural hair every three days. But I still do.

When I can, I go to other sisterlocks blogs and look at
the differences of the hair styles,read the stories, look

at their loc sizes and even the expressions on their faces.
Having freedom of any kind always brings a change in a
persons inward appearance. Sometimes they smile more

or move without caring about the outside world and
what others think you should do, look like, want or go.

Being a woman that is said to be stubborn as hell I

have always marched to my own drum. I did not get a real
voice until college but hey I got it which is the important
part right.

Looking forward to the change in my hair makes me
look forward to the changes in other things like my
figure as I get older. It makes me look at what I eat

and drink more and how reducing the amount of products
to my hair means reducing the sugar to goes into my
mouth. It is funny how my mental thought process
changes my desire to do more at being ME.

I have had just about every hair style known to man. I
have done every thing but a perm. I take that back I did

do a "Just for Me" once and ended up running to the
bathroom looking for water after 10 minutes. I had
sores on my scalp for two weeks after that and it hurt
like hell but my hair was so silky, but I could not touch it

cause it hurt to bad. I have worn braids and curls and
clips with my hair to both sides the front and the back.

In 2001 my hair was down my back and I was standing
in the bathroom mirror and thought I need a change. I
grabbed the clippers and cut it all off! It was about 2
inches all around and it felt great. Of course everyone
thought that I had lost my mind. I even added some
hair paint in blond for highlights. My hair is so dark that
color does not take really. I choose to leave hair dye
alone having jet black hair will have to do. In 2005 I
decided that I wanted brown sugar hair. It was the new
thing then and most video Chic's were rocking it with oil
sheen in it that made it look even better. I went and got
some bleaching mix to remove all of my color and then
dye my hair with the brown sugar. Sounded good at the
time! Boy was I wrong!My hair turned off white and then

after dying it turned bright orange like a walking piece of
fruit! My name should have been Topicana for a week I
had a family dinner the next day so I had to go to
Sallie's and buy three cans of brown color spray and use

them for the next week until I could make it to my
sisters house for her to fix it. She laughed and
laughed...heifa.So sisterlocks will make everything much

easier and make mornings a joy, I'm looking forward to

Has anyone else felt this change start to happen before or after getting sisterlocked?

Friday, January 25, 2008

MY Sisterlocks Consultant

My Sisterlocks Consultant--Shaun
This pretty lady is my consultant Shaun she is located in Kansas City, MO and has proved to be the right beautician for me. She has given all the needed materials and pictures and has answered every question that I have had and there has been several. The fact that I look at this as a permanent hairstyle change I have asked every thing under the sun and then some. Finding the right consultant to deal with you, after reading many different blogs I see a good understanding is very important in helping the beauty and longevity of your sisterlocks. Shaun offers a Sisterlocks Package that can be changed and adjusted to fit each individual. I will post my progress and changes as they happen...now.
Check her out, cause I think she a winner!
Hair Styles By La Shaun
Hair Styles

Thursday, January 24, 2008

THINGS Learned and Told NOT TO DO........

1. Don't go swimming, jump into a lake or get freaky in the shower without braiding and banding your locs down for the first couple of months.
2. Don't wash your hair with non-approved shampoo and conditioners for the first six months--they will cause them to unravel and separate........I've seen it!
3. Don't use any gels or oils to "tame your new locs". Let them do what they do.
4. Don't use hot curling irons or pressing irons on the locs. At least not in the beginning.
5. Don't color or dye your hair in the beginning due the amount of times it has to be rinsed to remove the dye.

Thing to do....also what I'm planning:
Be free as a bird swallow...


Today I had my first step to joining the sisterhood of beautiful sisterlocks. Right now I have three test locks that are placed on the right side of my head. I made sure not to put any gels, spray or oils into my hair before going to my appointment. My consultant has placed two different types of locks, I have one Reverse "4" and two "4"s. I will return in two weeks and my consultant Shawn will check my progress and make a decision on which one will be the best for locking my hair. We decided to take two days to do my locks so that we both can be as comfortable as possible during the beginning of my journey. I always love going to her shop because she is very passionate about her work and has remained professional though out my experience. I continue to feel my test locks and imagine what the future will hold as my locks mature and a new me begins to form.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Don't make me throw poo at ya.
Don't start none, want be none.


I have always loved the Lotus Flower!

Much like a child from a seed it grows in water and gets more beauitful with time as it changes the same with a butterfly does. It comes in white, cream, and soft shades of peach, pink and purple. It is used in serveral different creams, scrubs and oils to enrich the glow of skin. Lotus flowers are beautiful in both appearance and smell. Lotus is symbol of purity. Starting life as a seed, it grows in the muddy darkness at the bottom of a pond. The darkness is like our ignorance - we can't clearly see the truth about life. The seed grows toward the warmth and light of the sun just as humans naturally grow toward the warmth of love and compassion, and toward the light of truth. The mature flower floats on the surface, bathing in the full light of the sun, well 'anchored' but moving freely according to the flow of the water - the changing current of any situation. www.flowerpictures.net

Being a Mother and Hair Styling

I am blessed to have a little three year old son, I believe that GOD knew that me and combing hair would not mix. Every morning I spray his hair with smoothing and detangling spray, run my fingers through it and send on his way. I still have to cut his hair once every two weeks really to keep it at bay. If and when I become a mother of a daughter this process will take a turn for the worst and I will have to start learning the hair combing process. Now me on the other hand, getting sisterlocs will be Wonderful. I believe that getting them done will shorten my mornings even more and make me a much happier camper ;-)


O.k. so I have been so lovestruck by the apperence of sisterlocs! I have been so excited from the first time I saw them in an ad a year ago. I first started by printing out a photo and asking everyone I know what they thought about these locs. Of course, the first question was, "Do they look like dreadlocks over time"? NO, I personally don't think they they do, also it is wonderful how each person looks different according to their own personal hair type and texture. The second question is always, "Why would you loc YOUR hair"? Having what is said to be "good hair" doesn't mean that it takes no effect to keep it styled. Me personally my main expenses when it comes to my hair are on products. Taming shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and gels and moouse cost money too! I'm not a women who likes to go to the Salons and I have always hated it. Sitting in a chair and waiting for hours, then getting washed and put under the dryer for another 2 hours. Then getting my hair pressed and styled for me have to wash it three days later after spending 50 dollars or more every week or two all adds up to.....No Damm Fun!

Even though I'm told that it will take alot longer to loc "good hair" I think it is a risk worth taking and a empowering one too. I believe that each women is beauitful in their own way. Some men don't understand the links most woman go to for the "Queen's Glory" or a wonderful head a hair. Good hair or NOT my journey will start on March 28, 2008 and I can't wait.
I'm coming with my locs shining..................................