Wednesday, January 23, 2008


O.k. so I have been so lovestruck by the apperence of sisterlocs! I have been so excited from the first time I saw them in an ad a year ago. I first started by printing out a photo and asking everyone I know what they thought about these locs. Of course, the first question was, "Do they look like dreadlocks over time"? NO, I personally don't think they they do, also it is wonderful how each person looks different according to their own personal hair type and texture. The second question is always, "Why would you loc YOUR hair"? Having what is said to be "good hair" doesn't mean that it takes no effect to keep it styled. Me personally my main expenses when it comes to my hair are on products. Taming shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and gels and moouse cost money too! I'm not a women who likes to go to the Salons and I have always hated it. Sitting in a chair and waiting for hours, then getting washed and put under the dryer for another 2 hours. Then getting my hair pressed and styled for me have to wash it three days later after spending 50 dollars or more every week or two all adds up to.....No Damm Fun!

Even though I'm told that it will take alot longer to loc "good hair" I think it is a risk worth taking and a empowering one too. I believe that each women is beauitful in their own way. Some men don't understand the links most woman go to for the "Queen's Glory" or a wonderful head a hair. Good hair or NOT my journey will start on March 28, 2008 and I can't wait.
I'm coming with my locs shining..................................

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