Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Current state of locking- 5 months

At this point of my locking process at five months, I have learned so much about my hair and my texture because now it is free of products of any kind. Without gels and mooses, flat iron, a comb and a brush, I always thought that I would be lost. My hair has an even stiffer curl than I realized and it has caused my hair to draw up as my hair settles into a holding state. Its a good thing when it comes to daily care because I don't use rollers or a braid out when styling. As a result my hair senses to be grow fuller and wider first and then longer. (Weird)

Sense my last post I have changed my hair care products to Jamaican Mango and Lime http://www.rastagroup.com/. It is a lot cheaper and it's easier to use and available in stores. I would get so pissed rubbing that shampoo bar to get a lather and then rubbing it onto my scalp. I use the JML shampoo only right now but it is nice to know that they offer many different products that can be used in the future. So at five months locked, I'm still learning and watching my weekly progress and looking forward to my six month mark.
How is your process going? Learning anything?