Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Time Do.


Right now I'm rocking a curly bob for the summer time. I've been locked for two years now and I still love my hair long or short. I went in the get my retighting some highlights done but my hair just will not dye. I've tried several times and the only thing that works is to beach my hair and then add color. Sense this is very unhealthy to do with locs I found hair mascara! It's great, you choose any color you want to rock. Blond, bronze ( my new fav) red or whatever. You run it tho your hair and you have color without the dye. It looks natural and it doesn't overpower your whole head. It just washes right out and allows you to stay natural so for someone like me who has jet black hair. Color is now an option.
I still don't use rollers or curlers and after the summer, growth will be welcomed.

I just had my 33 birthday on June 23rd and it was a lot of damm fun.

At this point I still have hairs that loves to come loose from time to time. In those areas I braid them together before washing and before going swimming also. Once a week I spray in a leave in conditioner onto my scalp and onto my locs to keep them healthy. I have started to wear a head wrap in addition to sleeping on a silk pillow case at night and use a shower cap in the shower each day. This is not something I always did before but I have found that it keeps my hairs natural sheen if done everyday. I also love to wear my hair in a pony tail and I use the bandies that don't contain any rubber. So far I can say that I have no regrets about getting loced and it has saved me so much time and effect that it's unreal.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Diet, diet, diet

So right now on most days it's hotter then a high priced whore outside!

So this means no over eating and then wearing half shirts outside while drinking a grape Slurpee and flirting at the gas station. I will be 33 yrs old soon so I have began a new diet just to slim down some cause why not right. When I was 25 I ate all the time and then after giving birth at 27 I still did and I stayed fit with some gym time. Now for some reason my breasts have decide to grow, con grads to me :-) But I feel the need to slim down to avoid the top heavy issue. You see when your a woman with large tasty breasts if you wear loose clothing it will hang from breasts causing you to look bigger than you really are. If you don't have a stomach you should wear tighter clothes to enhance your shape. However some people will think that you are trying to show your breasts by doing so. They are going to show no matter what you wear so chuck them. So this has brought me to this diet and to present day.

Now let's talk about healthy eating and salad bars. Now I went to the store with a friend one day and we were getting a salad from the salad bar. She is putting on eggs and fried chicken stripes and bacon, cheese and covering it with ranch dressing like she is painting the salad top with a brush. So I said, what kinda of salad is that? We should have just went to Burger King for you LOL, Am I right? Why do they put that yummy selection of crap out if it is support to be the healthy choice? Pepperoni and fried cheese should not be at the salad bar talking to people.

Like pick me, hey Big Butt, yeah, you, pick me.

I'm just saying, you put it there and it will get eaten. This pisses me off as a hungry person who can not eat a whole lot right now. Yesterday I saw this girl in a dark brown dress and mind you it's hot outside. The more I looked at her the more she started to look like coffee ice cream in a baked waffle cone. She most likely thought I wanted to eat her cause I kept acting like I was biting something and starring at her.LOL. Now that I think of it that would have been the dirtiest cone I have ever had. Wearing dark brown in 93 degree weather can't be good for anyone.

Damm it, I'm still hungry :-)
Anyone watching their weight?

Hair products used good and bad?

Sending out an SOS

I have a question, please let me know.

What hair products does everyone use in their hair and how often? If it's water, don't tell me LOL.................

What products have you used that weren't so good? Broke your hair, dried it out made you look like powdered donut?

I'm asking cause I see so many products but of course most are bad and some are good to use. I have not had any breakage or loose so that leads me to think that what I use does my good good but maybe I'm wrong and I need to use something new and exciting. Fill me in on the hair run down.