Monday, January 28, 2008


Ten ,nine, eight, seven.......................

So I'm mentally starting my hair countdown to
sisterlocks or a.k.a. "My Hair Freedom". I have been
rocking my three test locks like they are made of white
gold. People already ask me about them because I have
made them all jazzy with beads hanging on them. I walk down

the street like what, what yes this is how the
remainder of my head will look in 56 days. LOL
Already I have to explain that no it will not be a weave
or hair extensions or braids. That yes I can wash it and
style it and everything that I really do not want to do
with my natural hair every three days. But I still do.

When I can, I go to other sisterlocks blogs and look at
the differences of the hair styles,read the stories, look

at their loc sizes and even the expressions on their faces.
Having freedom of any kind always brings a change in a
persons inward appearance. Sometimes they smile more

or move without caring about the outside world and
what others think you should do, look like, want or go.

Being a woman that is said to be stubborn as hell I

have always marched to my own drum. I did not get a real
voice until college but hey I got it which is the important
part right.

Looking forward to the change in my hair makes me
look forward to the changes in other things like my
figure as I get older. It makes me look at what I eat

and drink more and how reducing the amount of products
to my hair means reducing the sugar to goes into my
mouth. It is funny how my mental thought process
changes my desire to do more at being ME.

I have had just about every hair style known to man. I
have done every thing but a perm. I take that back I did

do a "Just for Me" once and ended up running to the
bathroom looking for water after 10 minutes. I had
sores on my scalp for two weeks after that and it hurt
like hell but my hair was so silky, but I could not touch it

cause it hurt to bad. I have worn braids and curls and
clips with my hair to both sides the front and the back.

In 2001 my hair was down my back and I was standing
in the bathroom mirror and thought I need a change. I
grabbed the clippers and cut it all off! It was about 2
inches all around and it felt great. Of course everyone
thought that I had lost my mind. I even added some
hair paint in blond for highlights. My hair is so dark that
color does not take really. I choose to leave hair dye
alone having jet black hair will have to do. In 2005 I
decided that I wanted brown sugar hair. It was the new
thing then and most video Chic's were rocking it with oil
sheen in it that made it look even better. I went and got
some bleaching mix to remove all of my color and then
dye my hair with the brown sugar. Sounded good at the
time! Boy was I wrong!My hair turned off white and then

after dying it turned bright orange like a walking piece of
fruit! My name should have been Topicana for a week I
had a family dinner the next day so I had to go to
Sallie's and buy three cans of brown color spray and use

them for the next week until I could make it to my
sisters house for her to fix it. She laughed and
laughed...heifa.So sisterlocks will make everything much

easier and make mornings a joy, I'm looking forward to

Has anyone else felt this change start to happen before or after getting sisterlocked?


Naturalist1 said...

I felt the change after. Too me it was a great journey. I've had my SL for over 2 years and I love it. I'm positive you will too.

Sez said...

I hope so and I welcome the change.

Lakia said...

getting sisterlocks are so exciting. I am so happy for you. If you think your excited now, just wait to see how excited you are once you get'em

SeZ said...

Lakia I can not wait to join you. Thank you for visiting and giving a comment. My blog is new and still in the works. I'm still on a count down to my sisterlocks.