Monday, April 27, 2009

One Year!!

Wow it has been a year sense I got locked up already. I have to say that my hair has not changed that much to be honest. I'm still locking and not using any products besides giving it a good washing every two weeks. It has grown so much but with the thickness and the curl of my hair has not changed. With time my hair has become more dense and that has made it easier to style and move around. The time has given me more options for styling and just with everyday wear. I'm a bandie girl with styling, if I feel like my hair being off of my neck I just grab a bandie. I wear a ponytail or twist it and then secure it, it's very easy and fun to do. I'm one of those lazy folks that doesn't curl or roll up my locks. I don't braid it for the curly look because it would be a waste of time. Now if I could straighten it sometimes then that would be fun for only a couple of days. But I enjoy just having wild hair that has no main style and that the wind can move around. I enjoy the softness that has stayed with time that I thought would leave. I enjoy my hair being touched by love ones and with locks I have been able to have them run their fingers though hair. I wash my hair with plain Suave shampoo as granted by my "Specialist". I blow dry and walk away, it can't get any easier then that. I go in every six weeks for my retightings that still take three hours to do. After a retightening I wait for three weeks before washing. Water loosening my hair some what so i avoid it within the first three weeks to let my growth move my scalp intend of the water.

So I'm one year in and looking forward to more growth.

Are you loving your locking process? Or no?

Tell me about it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chip Cherrio To Ya!

Would you guys believe that my job had the nerve to change the system where I could not get into my page. Bastards! But I'm still around and locking and popping. My hair is still far from being locked the progress is going slow however I'm still glad that I did it. I will post in the next couple of days, until then, talk to me.
Any good new shampoos to use?