Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh Wow I've been Tagged. Thanks Yasmeen

The Rules are as follows:1. link the person who tagged you…2. mention the rules in your blog…3. tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours4. tag 6 following bloggers by linking them5. leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.
Here are my six things:

1. I'm a flower child at heart with a mouth piece that is pure evil at times. :-)

2. I absolutely love pickles, I put them on everything and eat them with everything. Some how it all taste better if a sour dill pickle is added.

3. I can hear and see like a cat. Both a blessing and a curse. Most things that are to loud drive me up the walls and my ears will ring for hours. I hate to be kissed any where near or around my ear opening. It's a complete turn off when someone does it.

4. I can't stand the smell of Play Doe every sense I was a child. It makes me sick to my stomach and I have refused to buy it for my son now.

5. I love to wrestle and play. But girl style of rough house of course no punching and going over board. I can't stand men that can not be soft without getting mad and trying to hurt you.

6. I love it when someone smells good, soft scents or someone that draws you in.
Men or women if someone smell good they can tell me anything cause then I'm listening.

Now who to tag next:
How about: Yummy411, Allecia, Gena, Aya, Don and Shavonne

First Retightening Session 1 Month

Yesterday I went in for my first retightening session with my
(Hair Specialist: Shaun). I mentally prepared myself for the long haul but in the end it only took 3 hours to do. I almost did a dance when I got up to leave. She said that my hair is doing just fine and as excepted I did have some slippage. In the very back and in the top I had some that came completely loose. But it was only about four locks so in all not to bad. I'd had about an half an inch of new growth to get retightened. I forgot what it felt like for my hair to be tight at the scalp again. Now you can see the scalp line in the very front and along the back again if my hair is up.
I sat there as another stylist in the salon washed and curled and weaved other clients in the salon. Oh the smell of burning hair! I said that I was so damm happy that I no longer had to go though all of that madness. I would go in and sit for an hour maybe, pissed. Get washed and conditioned and comb wrapped up. I would sit under the dryer for 2 hours holding my ears and then get my hair still blown dry and sometimes straightened with a presser. I could not sleep on it to hard, get it wet in the shower and worst of all it would go right back to being curly and needing to be redone in three to four days. Pissed again.

Now I wake up, spray in some water, shake and walk the hell out.
I have to say that at first I hated that I could not put gel on the edges and brush them down. It was just my norm to tame all of my hair to give that smooth sweep back appearance. But I'm over it now and I'm learning to like my untamed but more manageable hair.
I'm learning it is a process of time thing.

Anyone else going though the "I'm learning to except my hair product free phase"?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rocking My Pony- April 17,2008

Just rocking my pony tail during the first stages of locking maddness. :-}

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Product Give Away- 2 weeks

I become more aware of my hair everyday as it ages and settles into locking. I can move it more and it is growing. Although at this stage everyone thinks that I just have really small braids with extensions added. I went back into my closet and saw all the products that I now feel comfortable parting with. I called all my girls and associates and asked around to see who would like what. I figured that some things are saleable and others can be used, just not by me. So many curling irons and straightening irons with a attached brushes for drying. Balms, moouse and shampoos and conditioners that will just go to waste sitting inside the closet. Although it will be a sad thing to give up my brush. I loved to use that brush.

If it has to be done then so be it.

After two weeks now, I have experienced itching, more itching, burning itching LOL.
Love of my locs and dislike for them also.
Stupid questions and stares and expressions of being totally confused, like what is that braids or no? But I still feel good in my choice and I look forward to them settling where I can let and sun baked the top of my head in the summer time with my wind blowing.

So the question is, what can I keep for later use?
Just oils for mixing?

The combs and brushes will have to go out.

But what else?

Friday, April 4, 2008

First Wash, Why?

Last night I did my first wash already after: only four days of being locked. Why?
Because the title of this post should have been itchy, itchy, scratch, scratch! Yesterday out of the blue my head started to itch out of control. Which was weird to me due to the fact that all I have used in my hair is pure water in a spray bottle. All yesterday when I spoke to people I was patting my head, I listened to them talk and inside I thought, what is on my head? Has anyone else experienced this? Never in all my days has my scalp itched so much or had to be washed because of intense itching. Actually because of the thickness of my hair until you get right up on me no one sees that my hair is parted at all.

Last night I decided that I had enough and if I didn't wash my head then someone would see my inside wrath sooner or o.k., right now. I parted my hair into small sections making about twenty different braids. I used cloth, no pulling colored ponytail holders that can be found at any retail store on the ends. I also used snap clips to hold the front and the back nap areas of the hair. I'm a fan of the Knotty Boy Products so I grabbed my shampoo bar and went to work. Oh the feeling of sweet relief was given almost admittedly to my head. I squeezed the water out of each braid and wrapped a towel around my head for five minutes to gather any extra water. After five minutes I removed the towel, hair ties and upbraided each section and with the clips still in place I used the blow dryer on the lowest setting it gently dry my hair.

I have to say without putting my foot into my mouth by talking myself up, that it looked better after washing and best of all no more itch at all......Crazy.

Any itch stories anyone?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day One............

This is me after my final day of locking and the morning after. My hair has a curl pattern so it remained with the locks. So far I'm very happy with my second decision to lock. I can't believe that I can spray water in my hair and just walk away. LOL Hair type 3b with a lot of shrinking when water is added. It looks just like my hair did before only now no more combing and brushing or products...Amen!
No brushing, combing or products...Amen (I had to say that again).
It's weird already come day two:
Everyone keeps asking me if I cut my hair again. Blind Bats :-)

Ready ......Set....Locked

My adventure into Lock Town started on March 28,2008 bright and early in the morning. Prior Shaun (my hair specialist :-}) told me that if my hair was shorter than the price would be this instead of that. So I said where are the scissors? So I take my hair from 13-14 inches to 10 inches 2 months prior to my locking appointment. Shaun says that my hair is 12 inches now at the time of locking my unpermed mane. The first day was madness where my thoughts went in and out from terror to smiles. On the first day Shaun worked for nine hours and one half the back of my big head was pretty much completed. I have to tell everyone that when I saw it I was like oh my goodness what did I do to my hair.

End Of the First Day
On the second day, with my ass hurting, stomach growling with a movie bag in hand I returned to the chair for more locking. The second day of locking took 13 hours. Where at the end the top half remained free. However I started to see the change in my hair and what was going down. I was turning into a "locked chic, hell yah" and I was starting to like it.
At the end of the third and last day and a total of 27 hours I was complete.
I went straight to the hair shop where I brought a head scarf because I have never worn one before and a water bottle.
So hip, hip hooray and cheerio, my ass is locked and here I go: