Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have always loved the Lotus Flower!

Much like a child from a seed it grows in water and gets more beauitful with time as it changes the same with a butterfly does. It comes in white, cream, and soft shades of peach, pink and purple. It is used in serveral different creams, scrubs and oils to enrich the glow of skin. Lotus flowers are beautiful in both appearance and smell. Lotus is symbol of purity. Starting life as a seed, it grows in the muddy darkness at the bottom of a pond. The darkness is like our ignorance - we can't clearly see the truth about life. The seed grows toward the warmth and light of the sun just as humans naturally grow toward the warmth of love and compassion, and toward the light of truth. The mature flower floats on the surface, bathing in the full light of the sun, well 'anchored' but moving freely according to the flow of the water - the changing current of any situation.

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JM said...

That is a beautiful flower, Sez.