Friday, January 25, 2008

MY Sisterlocks Consultant

My Sisterlocks Consultant--Shaun
This pretty lady is my consultant Shaun she is located in Kansas City, MO and has proved to be the right beautician for me. She has given all the needed materials and pictures and has answered every question that I have had and there has been several. The fact that I look at this as a permanent hairstyle change I have asked every thing under the sun and then some. Finding the right consultant to deal with you, after reading many different blogs I see a good understanding is very important in helping the beauty and longevity of your sisterlocks. Shaun offers a Sisterlocks Package that can be changed and adjusted to fit each individual. I will post my progress and changes as they
Check her out, cause I think she a winner!
Hair Styles By La Shaun
Hair Styles


Noneofyourbeeswacks said...

Cute pic (smile) LUV your hair BTW. Well I have about 502 locs all together.... my sl's are small/micro. When my test locs were put in they were REALLY TINY. They've gotten bigger, but not that much.

SeZ said...

Thank you. That is my sisterlocks consultant Shaun. She also wants sisterlocks at some point. I plan to get med/large locs installed.

Naturalist1 said...

Nice pic of your consultant. Can't wait til you start your journey.