Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today I had my first step to joining the sisterhood of beautiful sisterlocks. Right now I have three test locks that are placed on the right side of my head. I made sure not to put any gels, spray or oils into my hair before going to my appointment. My consultant has placed two different types of locks, I have one Reverse "4" and two "4"s. I will return in two weeks and my consultant Shawn will check my progress and make a decision on which one will be the best for locking my hair. We decided to take two days to do my locks so that we both can be as comfortable as possible during the beginning of my journey. I always love going to her shop because she is very passionate about her work and has remained professional though out my experience. I continue to feel my test locks and imagine what the future will hold as my locks mature and a new me begins to form.

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