Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I love to write poems and short stories about anything really from love to sex or love to loss of love. So I started this post to share a few poems here. Any comments or feeling after reading them?

POEM FROM MY MINDS EYE- Contains some adult content.


I’m in love with a man
And I can’t even complain-
Hell I should
Come to think of it- he’s the one to blame
The way he kisses me- places his lips on mines
Makes me feel as if I’m stuck in time
Only seeing the now-
Don’t care about the past
Not excited about the future
Just to love him as much as I can-
Today And today _ ONLY-
For I know this day will end.
I will go to sleep lonely. Wake up tomorrow
And he’ll be gone- but
On A Bright Note
Tomorrows the future-
Remember I’m living for today
Going to cherish him, love him, do everything I can
To put a smile on his face
A sparkle in his heart, Wetness in his pants
Yes it is true. I love him,
I cannot lie
Not a minute goes by. I think of him everyday.
I’m IN LOVE with this MAN.
And I can’t even complain
His body is so soft. He’s got the frame I likes.
From his cheeks, to his chest, to his strong embrace
To his presence- to the wanting in his eyes
This is the man I had to have
How can I be so lucky- He sexes me like no other
Gives my middle so much attention-I’m a lucky woman!
If I forgot to mention.
He holds her so tight- and sucks her hard when he goes in for an attack
Makes her feel things she has never felt.
Large turns to larger and it fells so right
His cock is a sight-mmmmmm It tastes just right.
You would think it was made just for me -it was
The way it molds inside of me
His tongue grabs me and pulls me near
Telling him not to stop, cause climax is near
I need it right now. Honestly everyday
Lets find a child free place for me and you to always get away
I like the way he smiles, The way he talks
The way those shoulders sway as he walks
I’m in love with a man-
And I can’t even complain
He’s done something to my damm brain
Makes me love in a different way
Opens me up to a different view-
helps me do better
I’m not a perfect woman- was this in the master plan
Was he brought to stimulate my mind
Is he the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
I’ve been trying to find
I’m IN LOVE with this man
Until the end of time.

Dec 2007

A Vision Of Love

As I sit here
I close my eyes to mediate
Darkness takes over
To provide in seconds, A Vision of Love
A place filled with peace, drama free
That takes me deeper into a trans.

I see you in my mind, floating over my head
making me grin.

No longer bothered by the meaningless jestures
of the unimportant people in my world

But to be carried away to a place
that is only known by the true concept of

As I journey deeper within the walls of pure estasy
I feel a passion
That can only be called

A feeling that can only be obtained from within
Only one must feel the desire to give
as well as recieve.

A Vision of Love Revealed itself to me
The Beholder
The Beholder has the desire to be hold
Not just by anyone
By the neutar of your being
The satistfier that can only be known as


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