Monday, February 18, 2008

Hair Wonderful........

Strong and Unique

Three examples of beautiful women who are stunning with dreadlocks and have always be an inspiration to me. Vanessa Williams and Lisa Bonet and Katherine from are three fabulous examples of how locks can be different, sexy and feminine. Love them rocking their locs!
*Alright now, I just saw a picture of Vanessa Williams with her locks cut off and replaced with a weave and I must say that I'm disappointed. I don't like that at all, I said at all! I suppose this was done in order to promote her career and allow others to change her look. Hair can really change your face with a different color or style. However I think that she should have wigged it like everyone else in Hollywood and kept her style.
Has anyone seen her with the weave? Any opinions?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weight Management

In this day and age of fashion and glam a girl has to be in tune with her personal weight management. Weight is one thing that is to each it's own just as with hair. For me this is something that I have always had to watch and keep track of. Having a baby at 27 made it a little harder to keep food out of my mouth and fat off my ass. So the only way to combat weight gain is management. Everybody loves a head strong women and hates a women with a "big head". But the important part is being comfortable with Self. It seems that everything on televison is pulling a women to be thin and only have 5% body fat. However we are all still suppose to have hips, breasts of ample size and a bootie from a video. So we need fat in the right places. So my struggle to maintain will always continue from a lifetime. I like to eat so Billy Blanks Tea Bo, water and at home workout tapes are my friends.
So how does everyone keep track of self

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Personal War with Products

I recently decided to reorganize my closets and deciliter everything from last year. I keep everything in bins that are labeled in the front with the thought that I'm a step ahead by doing so. I came to the linen closet and pulled out five large bins of just hair products. When I poured them onto the floor to sort them I was amazed. I can't believe the amount of money that I have spent of just hair product alone. There were at least 25 bottles of just shampoo that I have not used more then two times. Conditioners that were used once and in the largest sized available to buy. Now that doesn't included the styling products that look as if I have really never used them at all. Balms, mousses, gels and clips and hair ties in every shade of the rainbow. I had two bottles of the same leave in conditioners that I have never opened that had price tag of $19.99 on them. I thought that this was so unbelievable and I will be opening an account with e-bay to sell all these products due to the fact that some were new and said to "make my hair flawless." So seeing all these products it made me think that I must have a mental block that tells me to go buy it cause I see it on television. Order it cause the computer told me to do it today, or worse. Or someone said, "girl that stuff is wonderful, you should try it." Without giving up a small sample.
Why do I have this problem?
I buy all this stuff and use it, then decide that it doesn't smell right. It doesn't lather and that it does nothing for my hair like it was said to do. Then instead of taking it back and getting my money back, I'm right back at the Beauty Brands buying more use less products. At least with the sisterlocks I was be limited to the amount of products and the type of products that I'm able to buy and use. Right now I'm nuts about the Knotty Boy products and I don't even have the locks yet.From my count I have spent the useless amount of $455.00 without tax that is just sitting back in the bins in the closet. I need to slap myself for that.

Does anyone else have the buying products sickness?
What is your product of choose?