Monday, July 21, 2008

Retightening Appointment Story

I just went in on Friday for my third retightening at four months locked and it is unbelievable how I forget the tightness feeling that comes with getting it done. Me and my Specialist decided to switch to every four weeks instead of six for the next three months. The time will lessen my amount of new growth and the time it takes to retightening me each time. While at my appointment a women came in with her daughter. She was a white women with a mixed race child and she wanted her hair to be braided for a trip. My first reactions was to be shocked at the amount of damage to this little girls hair. Being with a different race means taking the time to listen to others who know how to do what you don't. Black hair needs moisture and to be washed and conditioned and so does the skin. To be with a black person you should know to ask questions and listen to input. When I asked about the little girls hair her mother preceded to say that she, the child does whatever she wants. That she twisted her own hair prior turning them into dreads and then decided to cut off her own hair last year because she saw someone else do it. I thought wow, because I was shocked that a child would have that kind of freedom with their hair and person. Me as a mother would never allow my female child to willingly do whatever, not care for her hair myself. Or take her to someone who knows what they were doing and not let the damage to remain on a child's hair.

I had to share that story because at the time it pissed on off! :-)


shavonne said...

That pisses me off, too. Learn to comb the hair. Letting a child's head look like a hot mess is just the mother's excuse for being lazy. Maybe the women should consider Sisterlocking her daughter's hair.

SeZ said...

Girl I told her just that and she said that she did not want to add fake hair. I guess she assumed that my hair was fake as did she say that to her daughter as she looked into a natural hair book. She had to be told by my Specialist that no all those women are natural without any added hair. The response was, "oh". When I told her about getting locks that is when she said that the little girl just grabbed her own hair and started twisting it one day. So I'm guessing without washing it and caring for it, her hair just turned into locks over time because the child had tight coiled hair. Sad