Monday, July 14, 2008

Loose Hair vs Locked Hair

Loose Before Locked.............................. Locked 4 months

Almost daily I get asked about my hair, about how long did it take to do, what they are or asked if I curl my hair daily. The questions get a quick answer and the third one gets a hell no, cause I'm to lazy to curl my hair everyday even if I had to. Sisterlocks seem to be changing to norm of what people thought locks should look like. Sense they look more like loose hair and less like locks to most individuals who thought of locks as being done and looking one way. At this point I find myself noticing the amount of locked sisters I see weekly. I also pay attention to the style, sizing and differences of each person's hair I see. Are they neat, is each lock the same size, is it a hair style or a "I don't give a shit look". Then there are the loose hair women that look wonderful in their own style. Rocking added colors or even a weave or my personal favorite a hair cut that's unique to them. I have always felt that if the hair is broking or it is stressed from combing, then cut it. Nothing looks more wonderful then healthy hair, no matter how long your hair is. Even with seeing loose haired women, I no longer wish to go back at all. I'm sure like most who have done it. The thought of, why didn't I do this sooner pops into your head. I think of the times like when I went to the dentist office last year. My hair was pulled back into a bun, it was not good for trying to relax at all. Saying, "put your head back", would kill me because my hair was in the way. Sleeping is different for me also because if I had something cute going, even though I did it myself, I did not want to mess it up. I was also a slave to hair gel, I put it on my edges everyday. The frizz was cute on the top and sides but the edges I felt had to be smooth. All these things I have had to retrain myself to think differently in the last four months.

Going back to pressing, combing, fearing wind, and sleeping on my elbows is for the birds, I can't do it. So now I look at loose hair and wonder.....why? :-)

Anyone else feel this or feel they would like to turn back to being loose?


Naturally Sophia said...

I totally feel ya. but forever is a long time to have anyhairstyle.i think after Sisterlocks, i would like to go completely short almost bald. But maybe 20 years from now orsooner if I get the impulse. ;D

Anonymous said...

I only miss my puffs when I was loose, other than that I'm all about my Sisterlocks!

SeZ said...

I feel you Sophia I have cut my hair down to almost 2 inches all around and it felt great to me.

Meikmeika: I bet your puffs were to cute. I'm still getting use to the Sisterlocs because I have not had them for very long.

DiVA_La Reine said...

I've been having nightmares about my locks getting combed out and having loose hair again. I don't think I'll be ready to give up this freedom and go back to buying combs. I really don't want to go back to sleeping on my forehead either.