Monday, July 28, 2008

My New Hottness

I just started using black soap and I love this stuff and it smells so good. I saw some at the store this weekend and thought that I would try it. There are so many brands to pick from and different labels to choose from. I have very sensitive skin and using regular soap gives me issues with dry or itchy skin. Soaps that have dyes, perfumes or added unneeded ingredients are not good for the skin when water is added anyway. I've been using it for my face and body so far and I smell like a walking piece of sweet butter.
I'm three days in and loving it so far, has anyone else tried or use black soap to wash daily?
Skin Care Tips for Black Soap
Showering & Bathing - Lather up with our natural black soap. Use our
Shea moisturizer or Shea Butter to moisturize your clean lustrous skin after a shower or bath.
For your face: You can just use our natural skin care black soap for just your face if you wish. You can wash your face once or twice a day. Or you can give yourself a facial with our black soap. It's simple. Get a small towel, dip it into some warm water, squeeze out and place the towel over your face for about 10 seconds or until the towel goes cold. Repeat several times. When you are done, wash your beautiful face with our black soap. Don't forget behind your ears, under your chin and your neck. Rinse with warm water. Moisturize with our
Shea Moisturizer. OooooHH! Your skin will do back flips!
For your hair: That's right! Before there was shampoo, there was black soap. Since centuries ago, Africans have been washing their hair with this amazing soap. Don't take it from us. Try it yourself.! When you are done, use your regular hair conditioner and of course don't forget your
Nasabb Kelechi Hair Oil. You need to feed your hair too.
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Yolanda said...

We love that soap and it has cleared my skin as well as several members of my family. Nasabb's is a favorite and I make my own mixture using their virgin shea butter and other oils for skin moisturizing.

Naturally Sophia said...

HAve you been putting oil on those gorgeous new Sisterlocks? Oil can cause slippage. Just sayin...

SeZ said...

Yolanda: I also found some for brightening and hydrating and it is wonderful to. It has coconut oil in it for your skin. I found it at Target and I no longer use anything else on my face or my body.

Sophia: Nope no oil for me, my Specialist has advised me that oil should not be used until I'm locked at least a year. I have not had any major issues with slippage and I have not lost a lock (yet). I do read a lot of blogs where they say that they spray water into their hair daily. This is not something that I do myself. That would cause my locks to loosen and release and would cause me a lot of bunching. Thank you for the compliment.

dreamangel75 said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have not heard of this product before. I can relate to having sensitive skin. I had an allergic reaction last week to a natural/organic soap. I do not understand why (did not contain harsh chemicals). But, it was a bummer to be on corticosteriods for six days after I had a bad skin reaction. I told myself that will be the last time I change soaps for a long time!! haha :-)

Your locks are looking great!

3girlsmomma said...

Nasabb's Black Soap offers consistant quality. I used to be a reseller of Nasabb products.

You are on to some excellent stuff! Tell the world...

Laura said...

Your locks look great. Thanks for posting these pics.

Laura said...

Your locks are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.