Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time and Product Withdrawal

This is our little Superman sending me a kiss to give me the strength I need.
Lately I'm having time issues!
I feel time is passing like molasses dripping down the wall! Will I ever get my sisterlocks done.....could the 28th come any faster? It doesn't feel like it Damm It! Each day when I wake and I have to comb my hair it is really starting to cause me some irritation.
Not only that, I'm starting to already have product withdrawals.
I have one that I know I can no longer use that I LOVE.
Oils, I love hair oils and I put coconut and carrot oil it into my hair during the day sometimes just because it feels good on my scalp. Everything else I can do without like a brush, mousse and "oh the dreaded comb". I can do without these items, no problem.
But the oil is like hair do I stop?
Help me ladies, any suggestions?
How did you stop?


Lakia said...

I used to love my oils too. I had to go cold turkey. During the last two weeks before I got my locks I just kept my hair completely clean. I stuck it in a awful pony tail. I could consider myself the queen of the oils, LOL! Becuase I litterally drenched my hair in oils and I did not want any oils in my locks, so I used a clarrifying shampoo during the last two weeks before locking. Check out my first couple of blogs and you will see what I mean.

SeZ said...

I was putting some oil in as I was reading this comment. LOL
I have been rocking the pony tail that you speak of. I use gel to pull it back then I just let it go without any products right now. I do plan to use the Knotty Boy leave in conditioner because I think my scalp will get dry without using some at least once a week.
I'm going to need some words of wisdom to stop the oiling. I know I will have to, it will just be hard.

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Oh My!!!!! What a cute little Baby Boy!!!!!!!!
I have no advice for you on the hair oil thing Girl. I stopped oiling my scalp about 20 yrs ago. I use distilled water with rosemary essential oil in it as a spritz in the am. Sorry.
But what an adorable child throwing kisses or not liking his food!

SeZ said...

Oh Thank You Ms. Diva,
20 years without using oil? Wow!
I will have to learn from you.
Yeah he is blowing me a kiss, he is a charmer.

shavonne said...

It's been a long time since I greased the scalp. When I started doing my own hair I didn't have the patience to oil my scalp so I just learned to live without.

blackstone said...

cute prince! he needs some baby locs!

SeZ said...

Thank you Blackstone.

Anonymous said...

Your son's a cutie. You don't have to throw your oil away, just hold on to it until your locks are settled.

I've been locked for a little over 1.5 years and I use a oil mixture on my scalp after washing. Then again, I do have dry scalp.

You can always use those oils on your skin as a moisturizer. Buy some travel size lotion containers and mix your oils with lotions in them. I went through a phase where I only bought unscented lotions and would put coconut or sweet almond oil with them.

Just take it one day at a time. And the 28th will be here in no time. Try not to think about it and time will go faster.

SeZ said...

Thank you MeikMeika:
I have to say that was very sweet and you gave some wonderful suggestions to use.
I have a dry scalp too and using the oil keeps my hair from breaking and feels good on my scalp. On the putting oil into my lotions I have very sensitive skin and would have issues if I did that. I only use coco butter and Niva lotion. But I could stock pile my oils and use it later but I must give it away in the beginning or I will use it.
Thank you for such a caring response I do feel better about the waiting after reading that.

Don said...

I am probably the last person in the world to offer hair advice, but I will say that I find women with natural locs to be very attractive. I'm so shallow. I know. Nos seriously, I think the only thing thats in your way, at the moment, is time itself.

SeZ said...

Thank You Don: Time is crawling but I'm excited to get my locing sexyness started. I love your blog and the energy of your words.