Monday, March 24, 2008

Hell Ya!

Hair Before:

Hell Yah,

I have four days left and at this point. Now I can STOP talking my love ones and everyone else to death about getting my sisterlocks done.

At this time I have to say that I'm a little scared, truth be told.

Like, what if I don't like it?

What if my head looks like a Chia Pet for the first two weeks?
So many questions, so little time :-)
I figure if I don't like it, I will just cut it off and start over.
Even though it can be taken down by hand, that looks like something that my soul will not allow. So they will be here to stay.

So for now, I coming to join all you sexy ladies..
Marching with the wind blowing.

Until then........................


Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

That's a whole bunch of hair!Please keep us posted on how long it takes, eventually how many(no rush on that one)and the end result!

Good luck!

Lakia said...

My count down was very scary to... I had all types of thoughts going through my head. But I was feeling happy at the end of installation day one. I am sure your locks will be beautiful. Till then...stay excited :-)

Anonymous said...

No need to be scared...

Before my locks were installed I made sure I found alot of blogs/websites/forums with women showing their install pics and updates. You already know the plucked chicken phase may occur for a little while. Your hair's pretty thick so you may not even notice any scalp.

I'm so excited and can't wait to read about your experience and see your install pics!

shavonne said...

I'm trying to figure out why I'm so excited about you getting your Sisterlocks? But OMG I'm so excited!

I'm about 95.02% sure I want to get Sisterlocks. I still have about 1.5 before I do get them (if I get them.) Don't ask me why I won't get them straight away. There's a reason for this, which I will reveal when I due time. :)

SeZ said...

Firstly I'm glad I started this blog. I'd like to thank everyone for welcoming me and my family. Also for visiting and leaving opinions and comments.

Ms. Salt-N-Pepper:
Yes I do have a lot of crazy hair and a big head. :-) I'm schduled for two days. I just know that after the first day my ass will want to jump off and run away. Then I will be sitting on bones for the second day.

I'm trying to stay positive and excited with ya. I have the husband clearence and approval so that helps.

I have been to many different blogs and some of the sisterlocks I saw I thought HELL NAH, I don't like that. Then some I just can't wait to join in head first.
It has helped to read and view pictures.
But plucked chicken, see I'm scared again. I like to eat chicken but I don't want to look like one!

Girl your excited for me because I have not shut the hell up since I started bogging.LOL
Where did you get 95.02% instead of 95%? :-)
At least your thinking on it because I decided right off after seeing them that I wanted them. Now the cost is a whole nother issue. I will wait for the reveal you speak of.
( q scary music).

NappTown said...

Sez, you are funny! You will be fine. I am sure of it. For some reason I was not scared. I was ready. I must admit that everyones locks look different and I was wondering how mine would look. But when I saw them, I absolutely loved them. My consultant advised me to go home and braid and band and gently wash my hair right after my installation. That helped with the plucked chicken look considerably. Can't wait to see your jouney!

lockediwthpatience said...

hmm... little scared with you thinking that you can just chop it off you don't like it.... make sure that you give it some time to grow on you, especially if you do happen to look like a chia pet for 2 weeks. hehe. but i thin that you are going to enjoy it and i hope you have a great experience with sisterlocks.

Lakia said...

I am waiting in anticipation for you to debut your locks. I'll stay tuned ;)

Decontee said...

ha sez do you know how long your hair has to be to start sisterlocs and also was your hair natural or perm when you begined I havent had a perm since january 3 and I'm rocking braids now I don't plan to take these out until August i paid $350 for it and I plan to get my moneys worth but people are staying it's to long I will see. I'm moving to maine transferring school and as most people no it's 98% white which means no black salons this year it wasn't so bad leaving the perm it was the growing part when you have to cut your hair in the back I don't care what any person no can compete with a black barber! so what should i do 1. get the sister locks
2. just cut it after get braids out
3. put braids back in hair to christmas

SeZ said...

Funny how different people are told different things. I was asked to not wash her hair until 24hours prior to my 3 week retightening session.

I have cut my hair down to 2-3 inches two times in the last 15 years. I thought that is was sexy. So if I don't like it, off it must go :).

I joined you today, I will post it tomorrow.

Firstly I have gotten into trouble for being to honest with some. But sense were homies now I'll give you my take.
Five months is a long time to wear the same braids. I'm with ya on getting your money's worth. Are they micros? Paying $350.00 for some braids is alot of money. So I'd say wear the braids until they start looking bad. Then start to wear your hair natural. Because it is good to see first hand what your natural hair looks like before getting locked. You need 3-4 inches of natural hair to get locked and then you can cut off the permed ends as it grows. That way you keep your styles.
Does that help?