Friday, April 25, 2008

First Retightening Session 1 Month

Yesterday I went in for my first retightening session with my
(Hair Specialist: Shaun). I mentally prepared myself for the long haul but in the end it only took 3 hours to do. I almost did a dance when I got up to leave. She said that my hair is doing just fine and as excepted I did have some slippage. In the very back and in the top I had some that came completely loose. But it was only about four locks so in all not to bad. I'd had about an half an inch of new growth to get retightened. I forgot what it felt like for my hair to be tight at the scalp again. Now you can see the scalp line in the very front and along the back again if my hair is up.
I sat there as another stylist in the salon washed and curled and weaved other clients in the salon. Oh the smell of burning hair! I said that I was so damm happy that I no longer had to go though all of that madness. I would go in and sit for an hour maybe, pissed. Get washed and conditioned and comb wrapped up. I would sit under the dryer for 2 hours holding my ears and then get my hair still blown dry and sometimes straightened with a presser. I could not sleep on it to hard, get it wet in the shower and worst of all it would go right back to being curly and needing to be redone in three to four days. Pissed again.

Now I wake up, spray in some water, shake and walk the hell out.
I have to say that at first I hated that I could not put gel on the edges and brush them down. It was just my norm to tame all of my hair to give that smooth sweep back appearance. But I'm over it now and I'm learning to like my untamed but more manageable hair.
I'm learning it is a process of time thing.

Anyone else going though the "I'm learning to except my hair product free phase"?


QueenLi said...

Looks nice, very Nice!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Your son is cute, ... cute couple pic too! I wish more sisters will find love!

Take Care~

Anonymous said...

I went through that phase after my install. I didn't know what it was like to not use a product like grease or gel. Using water alone seemed so alien..

I have adjusted quite well, considering I was a product junkie. I just do a spritz daily and I'm good.

Just thinking about my salon experiences gives me a headache..uuh!

SeZ said...

Queenli: Thank you for your comments and I love your blog page too. I agree with you on the finding love thing. It should not matter where it comes from as long as it does. We as women are willing to except anything given. I say, whatevea see me love me or keep walking.
I hope all sistas find love with whoever is willing to give it , show it and never stop showing it by their actions.

SeZ said...

Meikmeika: I hear you, I hated the salon I really did. Giving up good money for nothing. Then I would go to Beauty Brands and give them some more money for nothing.
Now I'm spending half that money on getting my nails and feet done hee hee.

Afrodite said...

Between you and Lakia, I'm gonn end up locing my hair and I haven't even been natural a year....

Naturally Sophia said...

Congrats on the first retightening. I remember not using products took some time to get used to and then I could use them again.

I still don't like that fresh retightening tightness feel. I'm so sensitive (lol!).