Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day One............

This is me after my final day of locking and the morning after. My hair has a curl pattern so it remained with the locks. So far I'm very happy with my second decision to lock. I can't believe that I can spray water in my hair and just walk away. LOL Hair type 3b with a lot of shrinking when water is added. It looks just like my hair did before only now no more combing and brushing or products...Amen!
No brushing, combing or products...Amen (I had to say that again).
It's weird already come day two:
Everyone keeps asking me if I cut my hair again. Blind Bats :-)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! This day has finally come and you don't look like a plucked chicken!!! YAY!!!! Your locks look fabulous and you have great length!


Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Nice, very nice! You look wonderful and have a great length to your locs!

shavonne said...

I see you're finally locked! Congratulations! To answer your question about the Nappyloc business in a box, I only want to order it for the DVD and booklet. I want to know everything there is to know before I start interviewing consultants. I'm really big on planning and research because it's my hair, and it does cost a fortune as I only spend around $200 on my hair a year. LOL.

Your 10 inches of hair shrunk up a lot! I can only imagine what my hair will do. Even when I had 15 inches of hair, if I let it dry without doing anything to it, it would look like I only had 4 inches of hair. LOL.

Aya said...

Hooray!!! Now you are a full fledged sisterlocker, if that's even a word. Your locks look good. Enjoy the journey.

Don said...

I agree, your hair looks nice. Of course I don't have any idea about a woman's hair but I do know what looks nice. And the happy smile on your face only re-inforces that notion.

SeZ said...

What's Up All:
Let me share the miracle of sisterlocks with everyone that I had this morning. It took me 5 minutes to do my hair, just five minutes! I sprayed it with water and walked out the door. No mousse or gel or nothing. I'm mad that the locked woman have been getting away with this for so long....hee hee.
Ms. Diva:
Thank you, I wish that I had cut it down a little more.
I never went to the salon, even when my hair was down my back. I brought shampoos and conditioners for me hair and that was where my hair cost was spent. My shrinking was excepted to happen. When I cut it, I went to the salon a month later and had her cut it for me again. It still ended up to be 12 inches. I like the shrinkage myself which would explain why I keep massively cutting my hair though the years.
I am a locked chic now...or sisterlocker. We will make it our new word. :-)

Lakia said...

Look at you... all sexy with your sisterlocks. They look sooooooooooooooooo pretty! Congratulation. I know your hubby is loving them

SeZ said...

Why thank you, also I think that men have a better out look of a woman hair then most women. Hair is support to be touchable, Right?
That seems to be what men think.
Thanks fellow sexy mama, I was so tired in these pictures...LOL
But I decided to caputure the moment.

lockedwithpatience said...

wow your hair looks really nice. congratulations!

dewdrop said...

Your babies look fabulous! I answered your question on my blog.

SeZ said...

Thank you girly

I asked dewdrop about dating with locks. Because I knew from reading that she was single. I wanted to know what finding a man to love your hair, be your man, and want you as a locked woman. I have come to see that it is a matter of attraction either they are attracted to that women individually or they are not. However the hair does matter.

Afrodite said...

I think sisterlocks are just gorgeous! Actually just locs period. If I ever get tired of this loose hair, locking will be my next venture.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! My name is Shauna and I just got my test locs put in by Shaun!!! She referred me to your site so I'll be hitting you up for questions! Your hair looks great!!!!

Sincere said...


SeZ said...

Y thank you so much tee hee tee hee.