Friday, May 21, 2010

The Black Out!!

What's up All............

I have been blacked out temporary and missing in action!

OMG how time flys when your loced and not worried about the damm wind blowing.

I have been loced for two years now On April 1, no April Fools I really I have. My hair is thicker and fuller and growing. I have not had any breakage thank goodness but I am still having some slippage on the front and on the crown on my head. I have used different shampoos but I figure that you have to use what works for your hair. I love being loced but I don't love frizzy, dry or matted hair. I also don't want to looked loced at a glance cause I think that is the beauty of being loced. I believe I have continued to achieve that to this point anyway. I will upload some pics soon as possible but in the mean while I'm back and I will do better at posting and responding to my messages received.

So talk to me.


Don said...

Oh. Your hair appears very nice looking and clean and healthy.

Great job.

SeZ said...

Thank u baby.